A new image, but still us!

Here it is. The first blog of the new Pentland Training website. As you can see we’ve only gone and got some fancy new branding and new logo. The previous logo had been around for over 7 years so we felt a refresh was well overdue.

The website is now also much more simplified, to keep you out of TL:DR* mode. (*Too Long Didn’t Read). As a business it’s still business as usual, doing what we’ve done for the past 30 years, providing great practical training delivered at your site.

If you didn’t know already we have moved our office from Congleton, to the beautiful Alderley Park site, a few miles south of Manchester. Manchester Science Parks took over the site from Astrazeneca, and it’s going from strength to strength with new start-ups, and big names arriving. I hear Royal London Insurance will soon be completely relocating their head office here. Exciting times.

Until the next blog, enjoy the ongoing heatwave!

Jamie Squires