Case Study



Here’s an example of how we’ve worked with one of our customers. But of course every person and organisation is different, and your journey with us will always be unique.


Back in 1997 we were asked to run a Microsoft Project course at the customer site. They loved it, so we then delivered one every month. We then started rolling out our Project Management Fundamentals course to the business. This all led us to running Microsoft Office courses to the staff, which then culminated in an Outlook training rollout to 6000 staff.

This then opened doors for IT technical training for the programmers and system administrators, which then led us on delivering various workshops for Business & Systems Analysts at sites across the world.


This led on to Leadership and management training, which then led to personal productivity training on topics such as Inbox Zero and Get Stuff Done.


This has of course been spread over 20 years and didn’t just happen overnight. We’ve worked hard with each and every manager and attendee to build that trust and ongoing enjoyable relationship.

That’s what we do with all our customers, whether you are a global giant, a UK midsize, or a small startup. We see each other as partners.


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